Tangible Media

Tangible Media gives physical form to digital information. It seamlessly merges the disciplines of visual design, interaction, programming and electronics. Tangible Media also acts as a tool for rapid-prototyping, allowing designers to realize their concepts and inventions in physical form.

The Tangible Media course at Rochester Institute of Technology has exposed me to new and innovative technology. Over the past several weeks I have experimented with the Arduino Chip, learned the basics of Processing and honed my soldering skills.

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on simplistic and intuitive hardware and software. Arduino essentially senses the environment by receiving input from a multitude of sensors that control lights, motors and actuators. The Arduino development environment is based on the programming language of Processing.

Processing is an open-source programming language that allows artists, designers and students to create images, interactions and animations.

I look forward to integrating Tangible Media into my design process, while utilizing it to realize my creative concepts and ideas.

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