MoMA: paraSITE & Parka

While on holiday in New York City, I found myself eagerly exploring the Museum of Modern Art. The museum's diverse collection kept me both intrigued and inspired. I was particularly inspired with the exhibit entitled paraSITE by American artist Michael Rakowitz.

The paraSITE homeless shelter is simplistic, functional and cost-effective. The shelter acts as a temporary and portable shelter, which allows the homeless to utilize a building's excess heating, ventilation and air conditioning as a source of heat. Rakowitz says that the paraSITE homless shelter is a conspicuous social protest, not a long-term solution to homelessness.

Another inspiring and inventive exhibit was Kosuke Tsumura's Final Home 44-pocket parka. The adjustable nylon parka features 44 individual pockets, which create storage for all your supplies, becoming a makeshift home.

These tangible solutions for helping homelessness are both inspiring and wonderfully inventive. However hopefully one day in the near future, there will be no need for them at all.

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