Skrok Trifft Sagmeister

I had the privilege of meeting Stefan Sagmeister at TypeCon2008 in Buffalo New York. Stefan is an influential graphic designer and owner of Sagmeister Inc., a design company based out of New York City.

Stefan gave an intriguing presentation outlining his recent published book, "Things I have learned in my Life so far." I found it difficult at first deciphering content, due to Stefan's heavy Austrian accent. However as time went on, I became familiar with his tone.

Following the presentation, I walked through the Karpeles Manuscript Library doors. I noticed a small, mahogany finished table to the right side of the library hallway. The table contained several markers, a TypeCon event invitation and a clear plastic cup of water. This set-up was very suspicious. It reminded me of a so called "book signing." Although I had never seen one before, my sharp intellect and Sherlock intuition told me that I should wait.

My patience was rewarded with an engaging conversation with Stefan. He was very kind, polite and genuinely interested in our dialogue. We talked about my education, career and future goals. I received valuable advice from Stefan, of which I am appreciative.

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